This will come down in a few days because it could be doxxing. Content warning for rape, institutional fuckery, and everything related.

At my small tech/business school in Sweden, it’s come out that one of my classmates was assaulted by another student, who performed a sex act on her she didn’t consent to, and has verbally threatened her among other things she hasn’t been specific about to us. When she came forward to the woman’s group to ask for advice, other victims came forward to her — so there’s five in total that we know of.


The administration has been... less than compassionate, even though we have a zero tolerance sexual harassment policy because the events happened off of school property. And they have previously been less than helpful, according to older students, when things have happened on school property after hours.

Right now the douchebag is on two weeks suspension while the admin of the entire school network decides what to do. I want to make sure they do the correct thing.


I’m one of the board members of the Equality group, and I am fired up and ready to take all my political organising experience to take this public if this student is not expelled, and to also force them to have a written sexual harassment policy that is more than just “zero tolerance”. I’ve already grabbed the materials from Know Your IX and am going to adapt them to our situation (since we’re not US based and our laws are different), but I thought that you guys might have some other ideas or articles or materials that could help me fight the good fight.

The woman who came forward wants to fight, I plan on bringing it.

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