I’ve really been meaning to get up the energy to update you guys, but with working a lot and the fact that my living situation has been... well, crap. I haven’t had the energy because I’m always stressed.

To recap, my partner of 8 years dumped me, I was jobless, and I had to move out. Which I did, to a small room in a woman’s apartment, we’ll call her Dagny (because like Ms Taggart she makes terrible life choices). Everything seems okay at the beginning. I get a job, I buy lots of Ikea furniture, and spend most of my time in my room. She’s a bit of an asshole about cleaning, but I figure I can adapt.


I was wrong. That was just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t even give a chronological timeline of how this turned into a flaming train wreck because it’s so unbelievable. I don’t like playing armchair shrink (as a member of Team Crazy myself), but after living with this woman for 3 months I’m pretty sure she’s an alcoholic and has untreated borderline personality disorder. And for whatever reason, she lies all the time.

Some of the bullshit I’ve had to deal with:

  • Having to comfort her while drunk because the neighbors were mad about her loud music (back when she liked me)
  • Being forced to listen to her conversations with ex-boyfriends when she’s drunk (again, back before I became satan)
  • Million page texts about my hairs in the bathroom
  • Drunken yelling outside my door about what a terrible person I am outside my door disguised as talking to the dog (so bad that I almost called the police but didn’t because I was afraid she’d hear me)
  • An untrained dog that is left alone all day and does its business on the living room floor (illegal where I live)
  • Being screamed at when trying to cook because she claims my sauteeing garlic will ruin her clothes and furniture
  • Constant use of speakerphone, so I cannot use any of the common areas
  • The cats (who are awesome) not having litter or food for 24+ hours
  • My food and alcohol being stolen (and now my conditioner)
  • Being blamed for actions she’s taken when blackout drunk (ie leaving doors unlocked)
  • Being illegally given notice and being lied to about why I’m being given notice (but shit is so insane I decided not to fight it)

So I’m in the middle of the busiest weeks of high season, working 10 hour days, trying to get my shit together (and failing) and I have to move out next week. I’ve found a place, and I was supposed to have my social workers help me pack today, but she didn’t leave the house even though I gave her several weeks notice of the appointment (and my room is really too small to have people in — it’s 7 meter square) and didn’t feel comfortable talking to them about my living situation in the apartment because she never leaves the fucking living room.

I’m just completely exhausted. I can’t deal with any of this anymore. I’ve been staying out of the apartment as much as possible, but that doesn’t help me pack. Luckily I’m staying at a friend’s over the Midsommar holidays because they’re out of town, but again, it doesn’t help me pack.


She’s on fucking speaker phone again and I can hear her entire conversation from the livingroom. My little room is off the kitchen.

Advice? Tips? Sympathy?

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